Islam and women’s day

Today on women’s day I got a message stating that I bring shame over women by covering and that I add to the oppression of women by covering. A fast response…  covering is a choice and if it is done by choice it is not oppression it is liberation.  I’m not oppressed I’m liberated.  My body my head my choice. I’m blessed with a loving husband who supports my choice to cover, who doesn’t force me into anything I don’t want.  On top of that I have made the choice many years ago to convert to Islam.  Islam liberates women when practiced correctly. Yes I know some people don’t practice Islam correctly, however women oppression and abuse isn’t an Islamic problem.  It is a world wide problem. Oppression or abuse of women is never justifiable.  If you are in an abuse situation or you are being oppressed, please find help.  Contact your local authorities, ask help from friends or family  or specialized organisations.

I want to leave you with some information about women in Islam.  There is much more to be found about how important women are in Islam but I saw this picture this morning and I think it is very suitable.  If you want more information you can always contact me.

islam women's day



Kabak mucveri (zucchini fritters)

The day before I travelled to Belgium I decided to make something nice for my husband. He had been asking for kabak mucveri for a long time, but it always fails so I didn’t really want to make it again. But since I really wanted to be very sweet, I decided to try it 1 more time. I grated 6 small zucchini and squeezed out as much juice as possible.  Then I added salt let it sit for half an hour and squeezed out some more. After that I added 2 eggs and 150gr of flower. I made small, flat patties which I baked in sunflower oil. Guess what they came out perfect.







1 more day

Tomorrow I will be flying to Belgium inşallah unfortunately without my husband.  I’m a bit nervous, because of the hostile attitude towards muslims these days.  I don’t know if I will go and visit friends. My husband prefers that I just stay with my family since you never know what might happen.  Still being with my family will be great as well. I made a lot of lists of things to buy, to eat, to visit,…. and I’m really looking forward to it.  I just hope that it won’t snow.  I will try to post a few updates while I’m there.


2 days ago I got a message from the Istanbul nüfus. I had to go and bring a picture of me and one of my husband asap.  So we did went yesterday.  I again had to answer questions and then we both had to sign a paper. We got a date to go to the commission or jury: 10 February.  I still will have to practice a lot beforehand, because for the moment I freeze when I get stressed.

(More then) 3 years in Turkey

In the beginning of the month there was a milestone. I have been living in Turkey for 3 years. We have had our ups and downs. The first months were terrible and even now I miss Belgium from time to time. Well not really Belgium, but family, friends and food. Turkey definitely has become my home with the support of my sweet husband. I found my place in Turkey.

In these past 3 years I have learned a lot. Not only did my Turkish improve, but I also learned to be a better teacher, I learned to cook with fresh ingredients and how to improvise. I also improved my social skills and I finally start to build up a social network.  I learned the hard way not to get to attached to people and learned who my real friends are. It is hard to keep friendships alive when you are living far apart and it takes a lot of effort from both sides.  I learned to appreciate my family much more. My holidays in Belgium are all about spending quality time with my family with 1 fixed appointment the wonderful girls from Aalst.  I have enjoyed showing the few friends and family, who came to visit, Istanbul and I hope to get some more visitors in the following years.

I have seen my fair share of protests and even experienced an earthquake. Although they were scary I survived and grew stronger. I adapted to living in another country with another culture and I can finally say that I’m happy and I feel at home. It have been 3 wonderful years and I hope to experience many more.

Je ne suis pas Charlie

The world is in shock due to the recent events in Paris.  With good reason it is disgusting that 3 mad men kill 12 innocent men. I got a few messages with questions. I will answer them publicly.

I got asked to post je suis Charlie which as you all can see I didn’t do. Not because I think they had it coming, because nobody deserves this. I’m not Charlie because I think it is not okay to deliberately make cartoons or articles just to shock, humiliate or hurt people. I think you can make fun about a lot of things but the moment that people and especially a large group of people are feeling hurt then you have gone to far. No you don’t deserve to be executed for this, but in my opinion it just shows very poor judgement and a lack of empathy. This kind of behaviour should be fought against but with a pen not with a gun.

Another question was to post je suis Ahmet the Muslim police agrnt who gave his life trying to protect the people who mocked his religion. I didn’t post that one either because I don’t even have an ounce of the bravery that he had.

I got asked to post the hashtag not in my name. I’m definitely not doing that one, because I’m sick and tired of being forced to speak up every time some nutcase does something in the name of islam. Terrorisme is not islam. Quran clearly states that killing an innocent person is the same als killing all mankind. So why should I post not in my name every time a person who calls himself muslim foes something that goes completely against islam? Been there done that. Intelligent people know that this is not islam and the others well I stopped caring about them.

I got asked to post a rainbow as a profile pictures as a sign of hope, I kind of lost hope. After seeing people attacking muslims, mosques and even kebab places in revenge of what some idiots did. That doesn’t make you any better then them. An innocent women lost her baby, innocent muslims lost their place of worship, a restaurant owner lost his restaurant for what? It doesn’t bring back the 12 innocent people who got killed.

Je suis Emine.  I’m Emine.  I condemn violence and terrorism but I’m not Ahmet nor am I Charlie.

A visit from the police

While I was out and about, the police decided to visit us to see if our marriage was genuine. Something we already went through in Belgium a couple of times. We weren’t home so we had to go to the big police station for foreign affairs in Sultanahmet with proof: pictures and a doctor’s report of my miscarriage.  After a long wait we met a nice officer who went through our pictures and documents.  We were asked a lot of questions and then we were send home again. We now have to wait until we get a message that we have to go to the vatan again to go to the commission.

Coloring for adults

On my last visit to Belgium I discovered a new hobby, which became very popular very fast. Not only did I learn how to loom bracelets, but I also got interested in coloring for adults.  You can download free coloring pages from the internet or even get coloring books for adults. In Turkey this hobby of mine isn’t popular yet so I can’t get any books here, but I got some books from Belgium.  For me coloring is really relaxing, but also very challenging. I’m learning how to use shadows and blending with special blending tools. I love using pencils since there are so much more options with them. Markers don’t have those options unless you buy the really expensive ones. Of course you can buy really expensive penciles as well but a cheap set will already get you far as well. I will show you a few of my finished projects.




Turkish citizenship application

We started my application for Turkish citizenship.  In the morning we first went to the nüfus building in fatih. It is easy to find a new building next to the emniyet. We had a list with documents that digigee a Dutch blogger posted a few months back, but they asked a few other documents from us.  Luckily my husband went there first to get a list of required documents. I strongly advise that you do the same, because things might be different depending on yiu situation.  We needed:
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